Grade :    NiCr15Fe
    Number:    2.4816
    Classification:    Austenitic heat resisting nickel alloy
    Density:    8.4   g/cm ³
    Standard:    EN 10095: 1999 Heat Resisting Steels and Nickel Alloys
    Equivalent grades:    No information

Chemical composition % of steel NiCr15Fe (2.4816): EN 10095-1999
A maximum of 1.5% Co is allowed and counted as nickel. Reporting of cobalt is not requred.

439920.05 – 0.1max   0.5max   1min   72max   0.02max   0.01514 – 17max   0.3max   0.3max   0.5
Rm – Tensile strength (MPa) (+AT)550-850
Rp0.2 0.2% proof strength (MPa) (+AT)240
A – Min. elongation at fracture (%) (+AT)30
  Brinell hardness   (HB):   (+AT)200

Properties of steel NiCr15Fe (2.4816)
Maximum application temperature for air T= 1150 ° C